Information for professionals

Multidisciplinary (MDT) meetings take place every month via MS Teams alternating between Thursday and Friday mornings. Links will be sent out to clinicians before the meeting.

Referrals for the MDT should be sent by a clinician via email to by 3pm the day before the MDT. This will enable the consultants to review the referral/s.

We want to work with other professionals to ensure that patients receive the right care. If you would like to refer a patient to our centre please read our operational policy for guidance:

Operational MDT policy

MDT referral form

MDT future dates 2024/25 , these will be updated if any changes are made .

  • Friday 5th April 9 -10.00 
  • Thursday 2nd May 9-10
  • Friday 7th June 9-10
  • Wednesday 3rd July 11-12
  • Friday 9th August  9-10
  • Wednesday 4th September 10-11
  • Friday 4th October 9-10
  • Wednesday 6th November 11-12 
  • Friday 6th December 9-10

We work closely with NHP MDT and refer patients for discussion at the MDT. The NEY HCC contributes to the UK national haemoglobinopathy panel , which is the national multidisciplinary team made up of experts from the HCCs around the country.

Business Meeting

Organised by the HCC, these are held three times a year, the panel is made up of the clinical team from accross the  North East and Yorkshire Region .

The chair is the HCC Adult Lead Dr Samuelson or HCC Paediatric Lead Dr Astwood . 


This is a very exciting time for sickle cell, thalassaemia and rare anaemias. There are a number of trials running across the network.

Current trials 


The REDRESS study is a clinical trial researching the use of stem cell transplant to treat people with severe sickle cell disease.

It is a randomised control trial of haploidentical donor haematopoietic stem cell transplantation versus standard care for adults with severe sickle cell disease who do not have a matched sibling donor.

If you are a clinician please contact the HCC for further information.